GKTech ポリウレタンミッションマウント S13/S14/R32/R33/R34



The GKTECH Polyurethane gearbox mount is a direct replacement of the standard item and helps reduce engine and gearbox movement and get power to the ground.
Particularly useful in a drift car where the car is off and on the throttle although all forms of motorsport will see an improvement in feel of the car but without the drastic increase in vibrations that the solid mounts see.

- 80ShA ポリウレタン
- RWD CA18, SR20, RB20 and RB25's
- 日産互換品番: 11320-35f01, 11320-41L03, 11320-65F01, 11320-85F01, 11320-70T01
- NISMO互換品番: 11320-RS541, 11320-RS585, 11320-RSR40

Vehicle Compatibility:
- 日産 180sx
- 日産 S13 シルビア
- 日産 S14 シルビア
- 日産 S15 シルビア (will fit but only with modifications)
- 日産 R32 GTS-T スカイライン
- 日産 R33 GTST
- 日産 R34 GT-T (GTR不可)