RAD Industries 2JZ-GTE ビレットロアウォーターネック




RAD Industries Billet Lower Water Neck


1: マシン加工仕上げ+フィッティング追加なし 48125円
2: アルマイト Black+フィッティング追加なし 54285円
3: マシン加工仕上げ+16ORB-16AN unionフィッティング 52702円
4: アルマイト Black+16ORB -16AN unionフィッティング 58862円
5: マシン加工仕上げ+16ORB -20AN unionフィッティング 54696円
6: アルマイト Black+16ORB -20AN unionフィッティング 58862円


"RAD Industries billet 2JZ-GTE + 1JZ-GTE Lower Water Neck with -16 orb port as well as barb for OEM/silicone hose if desired. This lower water neck bolts to the OEM water pump, it eliminates the need to buy a lower water neck rotator adapter.

This is a simple solution because it was rotated in design and is clocked straight down behind the alternator. This gives you the maximum room for single turbo setups. The RAD lower water neck also has a dual purpose end. It has female threads for -16 ORB so you can convert to AN hoses if you want or still run an OEM lower radiator hose or silicone hose kit.

Our Lower Water Neck is designed to work with your OEM Toyota thermostat or any aftermarket brands designed for a 2JZ / 1JZ. In order to prevent any issues with your thermostat lining up incorrectly, this water neck has a machined mark on the back side to assist in installing the thermostat in the proper position (up).

*NOT designed for 2JZ-GE or 1JZ-GE water pump*

Since you are still running a water pump, check out our Billet Upper Water Neck to go hand in hand with this Lower Water Neck!

• M8 x 1.25 HARDWARE INCLUDED for mounting lower water neck to pump
• Uses thermostat to seal to water pump (no gasket required)
• ALLOWS FOR: -16 ORB to -16 AN union (980016) OR -16 ORB to -20 AN union (980021) *SOLD SEPARATELY*"