RAD Industries 2JZ-GTE ビレットタイミングベルトテンショナーブラケット




RAD Industries Billet Timing Belt Tensioner Bracket


1: TOYOTA アイドラーボルト追加なし 42735円
2: TOYOTA アイドラーボルト追加あり 45815円

"Introducing the RAD Industries Billet Timing belt tensioner bracket. It is made in the USA of 6061 billet aluminum. This bracket is stronger in every way in compassion to the OEM cast aluminum tensioner bracket, It's thicker in a few key areas. When building a high HP motor that will see the rev limiter on the regular this is must have part. The last thing you want to worry about is snapping the OEM cast tensioner and ruining your build JZ. We have built our Billet tensioner with coated brass bushings at the same tolerance as a OEM bracket bushings, this allows for smooth movement. We have included a Koyo bearing/pulley pre-installed as well.

We have included the option of selecting a new Toyota idler bolt and washer. (You must have the correct Toyota bolt and washer, if you have lost the washer don’t install the tensioner bracket without one)

Our Tensioner bracket will work on 2JZ engines, 2JZ-GTE, 2JZ-GE and all VVTI 2JZs. Even a 2JZ block with 1JZ head (1.5JZ). It will not work with a 1JZ block."