GKTech V2 ハイクリアランスロアアーム



The GKTECH V2 High Clearance LCA's are designed as a direct replacement for an OEM style LCA but with adjustment and loads of tie rod clearance for maximum dorifto.
Our Budget LCA's are great for someone that already has caster rods or wants caster rods as a separate piece. Even with the addition of our V4 high clearance caster rods,
the cost of going this route is around 25% cheaper. The arms offer 25mm of adjustment, will support 70+ degrees of steering lock,
you can still run an OEM style swaybar and a lock stop has been incorporated into the design.
These lower arms are based off CMM data, are CAD designed, FEA tested, have CNC machined ends and the main body is laser cut and CNC machined 16mm thick chromoly steel for maximum strength.
To finish the arms off they're E-coated (aka electrophoresis coating) for rust prevention and we're exclusively using Teflon lined bearings with dust covers for increased longevity.

延長幅 ±0<+25mm(S13純正比) 34980円
延長幅 +20mm<+45mm(S14純正比) 37730円
延長幅 +40mm<+65mm(S14純正比) 40370円

- 日産 S13 シルビア
- 日産 S14 シルビア
- 日産 S15 シルビア
- 日産 180SX
- 日産 A31 セフィーロ
- 日産 R32 スカイライン GTS-T
- 日産 R33 スカイライン GTS-T
- 日産 R34 スカイライン GTT