Chase Bays トリプルバッフル パワステタンク





Chase Bays NEW Triple Baffled Power Steering Reservoir


Countless hours of research and development were put into our newest Aluminum Upgraded Power Steering Reservoir. This isn’t as simple as putting 2 fittings on a fluid container and calling it a day. It is far more complex. The smaller fitting on the Reservoir is the fluid return from the rack. It can be sent back at pressures exceeding 120psi. When that hits the fluid in the reservoir it can cause extreme foaming aeration if not properly slowed down and directed. The more the steering is used on the car, the higher the pressures will be. This is also what commonly causes the spillover through the cap under heavy use.

We have put serious engineering time into the internal design to negate this aeration and spillover entirely. The performance of this Power Steering Reservoir has gotten rave reviews from our customers. In the reservoir photos you can see a "chimney" inside, there is a multi-layer design within this chimney. We can't give away all of our secrets, but just know you won't have any aeration or spillover issues. Between on track testing, we were able to slow down 120psi to 12psi in 2 inches of fluid motion. Thats just 2 of the baffles, it doesn’t end there.

Go to any road race or drift event and look at all the factory (and most aftermarket) power steering reservoirs. By the end of the day there is spillover all around the reservoir. It was our goal to be the 1 in 100 reservoirs to have no spillover from turbulence or overheating. The cap and cap bung in the reservoir itself are baffled together in such a way to completely block fluid while still providing passage for an air vent power steering reservoirs need. The 2 fittings are now -6AN and -10AN Threaded Female ORB ports, so you can thread practically any size AN or Barb type fitting right in to match your setup. Included standard (as pictured) are -10AN and -6AN.

• Compact and Minimal Design
• 6061 Aluminum Construction
• Anodized Semi-Gloss Black w/ White Laser Etched Cap
• TRIPLE Baffled for BULLETPROOF Performance
• Completely Modular Design
• Three bracket options to best suit your application (see photos above)
• 5" High x 3" Diameter (6" total height including cap and lower fitting)