GKTech V2 Z33/Z34MT用 シフト移動キット



The V2 GKTECH Z33/Z34 gearbox shifter relocation setup has been designed as a bolt on solution when fitting these gearboxes to S and R chassis Nissans (although may fit others) and not having the shifter sit back 6" too far. Our shifter setup sits just 85mm from the rear of the bolt holes on the back of the gearbox.
Designed from scratch with over 200 hours spent modelling, prototyping and testing we are happy with the final result. This design DOES feature reverse lockout.

Z33/Z34ミッション用 シフター移動キット

- CAD設計
- シフター位置はギアボックス後部のボルト穴から85mmの位置にきます
- 適合シフトノブ M10x1.25


※1 リアセレクタシャフトを一部削るか切断する必要があります