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装着にあたりブレーキ配管の新設かChase Bays Brake Line Relocation kitが必要となります。

Honda Acura (シビック,インテグラ, RSX, TSX)
Nissan (280z, 300zx, 180sx/240sx/シルビア, スカイライン)
Mazda (ロードスター, RX-7)
Toyota (アリスト, クレスタ, チャイサー, マーク2, AE86)
Mitsubishi (ランサーエボリューション, エクリプス)


Pedal Feel & Performance
The best way to describe how your brakes will feel with our Brake Booster Eliminator (BBE) is: 10-80% braking is about the same as good brakes on a booster setup. Nothing out of the ordinary. The heavy 81-100% braking requires slightly more leg effort but it's where this product really thrives. This experience is preferred by those in order to balance the lock up and max braking threshold. With the BBE you get the exact same braking every time while booster setups are inconsistent. You get a pedal thats easy to modulate levels of braking that you want. Your car will stop in the same amount of time as it would with a booster. A proper setup is something we strongly emphasize. There are some important basics to cover in order to achieve good braking.

The common hearsay of eliminating the booster is that the pedal is too stiff for comfortable driving on and off track. This is due to improper design and setup. The key to great pedal feel and more controlled braking is a properly sized master cylinder for your brake pedal ratio, an Adjustable Bias Valve to adjust rear brake bias, and performance brake pads for the rapid clamping force this setup creates (the compound allows for rapid bite). Don't worry, Chase Bays has you covered. You can get everything you need to properly set up your vehicle in one place.

The BBE works great with larger calipers. We have plenty of experience doing so. Not only have we tested the kit ourselves for over 8 years, but we have also sold them to over 2,000 customers who have continued to leave outstanding reviews.