Chase Bays ウインドウォッシャーリザーバー / インタークーラースプレー





Chase Bays ウォッシャー、インタークーラースプレー


The Chase Bays Windshield Washer Reservoir (or Intercooler / Radiator Sprayer) is for those who want to retain windshield sprayers but are sick of the massive factory piece. Whether it be to open up space or just to clean things up, a compact windshield washer tank is long overdue for car enthusiasts.

It is all 6061 aluminum in construction. It is anodized semi-gloss black with a laser etched Chase Bays logo cap. It includes a pump thats readily available and cheap to replace if it should fail years from now. The pump is mounted via vinyl insulated loop clamp and single allen head bolt.

For mounting the reservoir itself we've integrated the same bracket design we use on our Power Steering Reservoir and Coolant Overflow. We give you 3 brackets to choose from and they're included at no extra charge. Lastly we include a pigtail wiring harness so you can hook to your factory wiring. Red is positive and Black is ground.

The small washer reservoir volume is 19.5 fluid ounces / 0.57 liter. It will of course need refilling more often than your stock one but its designed to be compact, durable, and useful.